Michael Owen Net Worth

Have you ever watched a football match. Thought to yourself “Wow that player must be earning a lot of money!”?

Well if you’ve seen Michael Owen play during his prime I’m sure that thought must have crossed your mind. Ah Michael Owen.

The talented young player who became a legend and whose financial success matches his footed strikes. Join me as we explore the world of goals, glamour and Wealth.

Lets uncover the story, behind Michael Owen’s worth.

Michael Owen Net Worth

Net Worth$45 million

At the end of his football career it is estimated that Michael Owen’s net worth reached £40 million. Quite an impressive amount, isn’t it?

This figure not reflects his skills, on the field but also illustrates his shrewdness off it.

Endorsements, media appearances, property investments and even venturing into racehorse ownership all played a part in accumulating this sum.

Michael Owen Profile

NameMichael Owen
NicknameLittle Boy
JobFootballer (retired), Broadcaster, Horse Racing Enthusiast
Famous ForScoring wonder goals, playing for clubs like Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Manchester United

Michael Owen Height and Weight

Height5 ft 8 in (173 cm)
WeightAround 70 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark Brown

Early Life

Michael James Owen was born on December 14th 1979 in the town of Chester. It is said that even as a child Michael would often surprise his family by kicking fruit into shopping baskets!

It seems like destiny had already marked him for greatness.

From his beginnings it was clear that young Michael possessed talent. At the age of 10 he was already capturing the attention of the football club.


Throughout his career, which included moments, at Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City Owen’s trajectory was nothing of extraordinary.

Who could forget that goal against Argentina in the 1998 World Cup? The world watched in awe as this 18 year old gracefully maneuvered defenders with both skill and determination.

Alongside his talent on the field clubs were also enamored by the brand that came with Michael Owen. A touch of magic.

Lessons Learned from Michael Owen

Beyond football and financial success Owen’s story teaches us lessons in perseverance, adaptability and foresight.

Here are a few valuable takeaways;

Embrace Change

Despite battling injuries throughout his career Owen consistently adapted his playing style to overcome obstacles. This serves as a reminder that change’s not an adversary but rather an ally.

Explore Diverse Opportunities

Owen ventured into investments beyond football; particularly notable was his involvement, in horse racing. This demonstrates the importance of not relying on one avenue for success.

Maintain Humility

Despite achieving fame and fortune Michael Owen remained grounded throughout it all. His humility serves as a reminder that modesty can coexist with achievement.

Endorsements and Business Ventures

It wasn’t Michael’s skills on the field that caught the attention of major brands.

From renowned sportswear companies, to soft drink brands Owen became highly sought after for endorsements.

He had a touch when it came to collaborating with brands like Umbro, Pepsi and Tissot watches. His charm and spotless image made him an ideal choice for marketers.

Remember that fun advertisement where he raced against a cheetah?

Yes that was one of Michael Owen’s moments.

There’s a story behind it too. On the day of the shoot being the person he’s Owen couldn’t resist asking if a cheetah truly was the fastest land animal.

With a grin he playfully said, “Well lets put that to the test!”

The Racing Enthusiast

Beyond his football career Owen found excitement and solace in the world of horse racing. His passion led him to establish Manor House Stables a cutting edge facility for training horses.

But it wasn’t a business venture; Owen genuinely loved it.

There’s an anecdote about how once during a training session Michael decided to have a race, against one of his horses.
Yes besides his role, as a football pundit Owen has a passion, for horse racing.

Is the proud owner of multiple racehorses.

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