Zico Net Worth

When it comes to the captivating world of football one name that never fails to impress is Zico. Known as the “White Pele ” Zico is a figure, in football who hails from Brazil the heartland of the sport.

His performances on the field were nothing of mesmerizing and his impact on the game continues to be celebrated. But Zico’s influence extends beyond his sporting prowess; he has also achieved success throughout his career.

This comprehensive article aims to shed light on Zico’s worth, his beginnings and his remarkable journey in the world of football.

Zico Net Worth

Net Worth$15 million

Speaking about Zico’s standing it matches up to his football skills. The esteemed Brazilian football icon boasts an estimated worth of $15 million.

His substantial wealth has been amassed through a combination of footballing career endorsement deals that he has secured over time and his ventures as a coach and sports administrator following retirement from active play.

Zico profile

NameArthur Antunes Coimbra (Zico)
NicknameWhite Pele
JobRetired Professional Footballer
Famous ForHis exceptional skills as a midfielder and his significant contributions to Brazilian and international football

Zico height and weight

Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Early Life

Born as Arthur Antunes Coimbra on March 3 1953 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Zico had origins. Coming from a family background didn’t deter him from pursuing his passion for football from an age.

Despite being physically small, in stature Zico never allowed this to overshadow his aspirations of becoming a footballer.

With unwavering determination and exceptional skill he conquered his challenges. Rose to become one of the highly regarded footballers, in the world.


Zico’s remarkable career is engraved in the history of football with words. His exceptional ball control, field vision and consistent goal scoring ability set him apart from his peers.

His memorable moments came during his time with Flamengo and the Brazilian national team, where he left a mark through his awe inspiring performances.

Having played in three World Cups, Zico played a role in shaping football. After retiring from playing he didn’t distance himself from the sport he cherished.

Instead he redirected his focus towards coaching and held positions in sports organizations further contributing to his wealth and legacy.

Lessons Learned from Zico

Zico’s life story is a tale that inspires resilience, passion and unwavering dedication. Despite struggles related to his physique he refused to be discouraged. Instead it fueled his ambition to succeed.

By utilizing his talent and an enduring love for football he overcame all obstacles on his path toward reaching the pinnacle of success.

His life serves as a testament to the belief that adversity can be transformed into a stone, towards achieving greatness.


In conclusion, Zico’s success, in both football and finances has led to an estimated worth of $15 million.

After retiring his impact on the world of football remains strong. He is widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in the sport. Continues to inspire aspiring footballers

Frequently asked questions

Who is Zico?

Zico is a figure in the football world renowned for his exceptional skills and contributions, to the sport. From Brazil he has left a mark on football.

What is Zico net worth?

Zico net worth is $15 million.

Where is Zico now?

After retiring from his playing career Zico transitioned into coaching and has also taken up roles in various sports organizations.

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