Ruud Gullit Net Worth

In the realm of football legends few names carry respect and admiration, as Ruud Gullit.

Known for his dreadlocked hair and game changing style on the field he is truly a master of the sport.

However have you ever pondered about the empire he has built beyond his goals and tactical prowess?

Ruud Gullit Net Worth

Net Worth$15 million

With an estimated worth of around $15 million Gullit’s wealth extends far beyond his success in football.

His endeavors encompass endorsements, media engagements and entrepreneurial ventures.

It is clear that the “Golden Dutchman” has utilized his Midas touch beyond just kicking footballs.

Ruud Gullit Profile

NameRuud Gullit
NicknameThe Black Tulip
JobFootball Icon, Manager, Pundit
Famous ForExceptional Football Career, Captaining Netherlands to Euro ’88 Victory, Managerial Success

Ruud Gullit Height and Weight

Height6 feet 2 inches (1,88 m)
WeightApproximately 176 lbs (80 kg)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack with Grey

Early Life

Born in Amsterdam in 1962 Gullit showcased his talent from an age.

His journey from the streets of the capital to the stages of Milan and London resembles a captivating fairy tale.

A tale filled with talent, determination and an unwavering zest for life.


Gullit’s career is nothing of legendary – from Feyenoord to PSV and then, onto the world of AC Milan where he became an icon.

By winning the Ballon d’Or in 1987 he solidified his status as one of footballs players.

What did he accomplish after hanging up his boots?

His experiences, as a manager and his involvement in football analysis have kept him in the eye contributing to his success.

Lessons Learned from Ruud Gullit

It’s not about money or fame. Gullit’s life teaches us the importance of being adaptable of reinventing oneself.

From changing positions on the field to transitioning into management and media roles Ruud embodies the art of evolution.

The Gullit Brand

Beyond his achievements in football Ruud Gullit has successfully built an image that extends beyond the world of sports.

This is evident through his collaborations with brands, television shows and other media platforms that consistently seek out his expertise and association.

On The Media

Gullit seamlessly entered the world of media just like he made runs on the football field.

His articulate opinions on the game have made him a familiar face on sports panels across networks such as BBC and beIN Sports.

However his involvement in media goes beyond being a pundit. He has explored documentary filmmaking delving into subjects, to his heart and even graced the music scene with his single ‘Not The Dancing Kind’.

Entrepreneurial Journey

One aspect of Gullit’s journey that is not widely known is his entrepreneurial spirit.

He has invested in technology startups been involved in football academies that nurture talent and even dabbled in the restaurant industry.

Each of these endeavors contributes to the growing Gullit brand, which further enhances his wealth.

Beyond success and business ventures Ruud Gullit’s true value is immeasurable.

His dedication, to causes, such as serving as an ambassador for the Heart Foundation and advocating for equality in football demonstrates his determination to make a positive impact on the world.


In conclusion, Ruud Gullit’s net worth and legacy go beyond numbers.

They represent a life lived of challenges embraced and opportunities seized.

In the realm of football history Gullit’s name shines brightly not for his skills on the field but also for his off field ventures and captivating personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which clubs did Gullit manage?

Among others he managed clubs like Chelsea, Newcastle United and LA Galaxy.

Did Gullit achieve titles during his playing career?

Absolutely! He has a collection of trophies ranging from domestic league titles, with AC Milan to winning the European Championship with the Netherlands in 1988.

What is Gullit’s distinctive style or appearance?

That persons dreadlocks are so distinct. Their smile is always filled with charm.

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