Like Nastya Net Worth

Ah, the wonders of the internet! It’s amazing how kids these days are not just playing with toys but also reviewing them and making millions, in the process.

One shining star in this realm is Nastya.

As many know her YouTube channel, “Like Nastya.” Today we’ll delve into the world of Like Nastya. Uncover her impressive net worth.

Get ready to be amazed!

Like Nastya Net Worth

Net Worth $20 million

It is estimated that Like Nastya has a net worth of around $20 million. Yes you heard it right – $20 million at such an age!

Her YouTube channel showcases unboxing toys, family adventures and glimpses into her life attracting over 91 billion views.

With income from ads collaborations with brands and merchandise sales it’s no surprise that she has become one of the young influencers globally.

Like Nastya Profile

NicknameLike Nastya
Famous ForChildren’s YouTube videos, toy reviews, and vlogs

Like Nastya Height and Weight

Height4.1 feet ( 124 cm )
Weight35 Kg ( 77 Lbs)
Eye ColorHazel Blue
Hair ColorBlonde

Early Life

Nastya was born in 2014 in Krasnodar, Russia.

Her journey, towards YouTube stardom began when her parents shared a video of her playing with her dad.

From there the channel. Evolved by incorporating various types of content and capturing a wider audience.

Who would have imagined that this innocent playtime would have such an impact, on her life?


At the beginning “Like Nastya” focused mainly on reviewing toys.

However as more and more subscribers joined in the channel expanded its content. Today it features travel vlogs, educational videos and enjoyable family challenges.

With channels created for languages and audiences the “Like Nastya” brand has gained worldwide popularity.

Lessons learned from Like Nastya

One might wonder what we can learn from a child YouTuber.

Surprisingly, quite a lot!

Authenticity matters

Nastya’s genuine joy and natural spontaneity are contagious proving that audiences appreciate emotions than scripted content.


As demonstrated by the channels growth and transformation over time it is crucial to adapt to your audiences evolving preferences.

Language is not a barrier

With spin off channels available in languages Nastya’s content reaches an audience and highlights the power of universal themes.

How Did Like Nastya Become So Popular?

Nastya’s journey, to fame is not solely based on toy reviews or her childlike innocence in front of the camera. It is an amalgamation of factors that converged perfectly.


When Nastya embarked on her YouTube journey child influencers were just starting to make a name for themselves. Being one of the first, in this niche gave her an advantage.

Universal Appeal

Toys, playtime and childhood mischief have an appeal that transcends borders. Every child engages in play. Every parent cherishes those memories. Nastya’s channel tapped into this sentiment.

Consistent Posting

like any brand or individual staying consistent is crucial. Nastya’s channel regularly shares content ensuring that subscribers always have something to anticipate.

Family Involvement

It’s not about Nastya; it involves the family! The videos often feature her parents making them relatable for both children and adults

Diverse Content

Over time the channel has expanded its range of content. From reviewing toys they ventured into travel vlogs, educational videos and more. This diversity allows them to cater to an audience base.

The Power of Branding

Like Nastya goes beyond being a YouTube channel; it has become a recognized brand.

With merchandise endorsements from brands and even appearances, on popular TV shows Nastya’s brand has become a formidable presence.

Her unique logo, intro music and distinctive style make her easily identifiable even amidst the vast ocean of content creators.

The Impact, on the Next Generation

The success of Like Nastya also sparks a conversation about the influence and power held by content creators.

Children are no longer consumers of content; they have become creators themselves influencers and brand advocates.

Parents and guardians must be mindful of this era to ensure a balanced life for these young stars.


Like Nastya is more than a child influencer; she has become a brand, a sensation and an inspiration to many.

Her substantial net worth serves as proof of the potential offered by platforms and the continuously evolving world of influencer marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Like Nastya?
Nastya was born in 2014 making her 9 years old.

Where does Like Nastya come from?

She originally hails from Krasnodar, Russia.

What is the secret, behind Like Nastya’s success?

Her success can be attributed to a combination of authenticity, relatable content and astute business strategies implemented by her parents.

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