George Weah Net Worth

When football and politics intersect fascinating individuals, like George Weah emerge.

Weah, a legend in the football realm showcased a talent that earned him global acclaim. However his achievements extended beyond sports and into the arena as he served as the President of Liberia.

Curious about the value of Weah’s accomplishments? Join us on this journey as we delve into George Weah’s worth, his path to success and the valuable lessons we can glean from his life.

George Weah Net Worth

Net Worth$85 million

George Weah is believed to have a worth of $85 million. This wealth primarily stems from his football career and subsequent ventures in politics and business.

George Weah profile

NameGeorge Weah
NicknameKing George
JobPolitician, Former Professional Footballer
Famous ForFIFA World Player of the Year, President of Liberia

George Weah height and weight

Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack

Early Life

Born on October 1 1966 in Monrovia, Liberia, George Weah spent his childhood playing football on the streets of his hometown before embarking on a career with a club called Young Survivors.


Weah’s career skyrocketed when he joined Paris Saint Germain in 1992 before making a move to AC Milan in 1995.

During his time in Europe he secured accolades including being awarded FIFA World Player of the Year in 1995—an achievement, for an African player.

After retiring from his football career George Weah transitioned into the arena and was elected as the 25th President of Liberia in 2017. Through his ventures he has accumulated wealth.

Lessons Learned from George Weah

The journey of George Weah, from being a football player to holding the office showcases the power of determination and the belief that anything is achievable.

It serves as a reminder that ones background does not limit their potential for success.

Personal Insights

Let’s take a break, from all the stats and accolades for a moment. I have this story I once stumbled upon about George Weah.

During a game George, the spirit decided to pull off a clever trick where he pretended to tie his shoelaces just to confuse the defender marking him.

You know what? It actually worked! He quickly outsmarted his opponent showing not his agility but his sense of humor.

When it comes to Georges transition into politics many people were skeptical at first. “A footballer becoming president?

How will that work?” I remember one of my friends jokingly saying during one of our football themed coffee chats. However George proved them wrong with his determination.

He demonstrated that his leadership skills extended beyond the football field by applying the dedication, teamwork and strategic thinking in governing his country.

Charity Work and Initiatives

George Weah has always been committed to giving back to the community through initiatives.

Whether its establishing scholarship programs for children in Liberia or creating job opportunities in areas he has made a significant impact through philanthropy.

His dedication, to uplifting the community truly reflects his character.

George Weah’s Impact

In the realm of football there are players. Then there are extraordinary legends. However only a select few manage to go beyond their sport and truly leave a lasting impact, on the world at large.

George Weah is an example of such an individual.

Starting from the streets of Monrovia and eventually ascending to the position in Liberia his life story stands as a testament, to overcoming obstacles and surpassing expectations.


George Weah’s worth reflects his accomplishments in both football and politics. His path from the football fields of Monrovia, to positions of influence provides hope and inspiration to many.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s George Weah?

George Weah is a professional footballer who currently serves as the President of Liberia.

What awards has George Weah received?

George Weah has been recognized as FIFA World Player of the Year won the Ballon d’Or award and earned the title African Player of the Century.

What is George Weah’s net worth?

It is estimated that George Weah’s net worth amounts to $85 million.

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