George Best Net Worth

Imagine a football player who was so mesmerizing on the field that even fans of opposing teams couldn’t help but cheer for him.

Now picture a lifestyle of a rockstar, irresistible charm and a substantial fortune.

That’s George Best, in a nutshell.

How much did this magical footballer actually accumulate during his years?

Get ready for a ride as we explore the highs and lows the goals and the wealth of George Best.

George Best Net Worth

Net Worth$250000

When George Best retired from football his earnings from playing and endorsement deals became headline news.

Estimates suggest that at the height of his career George Best’s net worth reached $250000 .

A sum for that time period.

While his exceptional skills on the field played a role in this prosperity, lucrative endorsement agreements, appearances and other business ventures also contributed handsomely to his success.

George Best Profile

NameGeorge Best
NicknameEl Beatle
JobFootballer (retired)
Famous ForOutstanding football skills, playing for Manchester United, and his flamboyant lifestyle off the pitch

George Best Height and Weight

Height5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
WeightAround 70 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Early Life

Born on May 22nd, 1946 in Belfast, Northern Ireland George exhibited a talent, for football from an age.

Who could have predicted that the young boy playing in the streets of Belfast would one day be hailed as the ” Beatle” of football?


George Best’s journey, in football captivating the crowds at Manchester United and making a name for himself with Northern Ireland was like something out of a fairy tale.

It wasn’t his football skills that caught everyones attention but also his charm that appealed to fans and brands alike.

With every goal and glamorous off pitch appearance his value soared.

Lessons Learned from George Best

Embrace Your Talent

George showed us the importance of recognizing our strengths and utilizing them to our advantage.
Live Life to the Fullest.

His vibrant way of life served as a reminder to seize every moment.

Stay True to Yourself

Despite the fame and scrutiny he faced Best always remained genuine never pretending to be someone he wasn’t.

A Closer Look into the Man

George Best was more than a football player; he was a figure both on and off the field.

As we delve deeper into his story we discover anecdotes that provide us with a greater understanding of his worth, beyond mere financial success.


While football remained his focus George’s magnetic personality led him towards business ventures. Who could forget about ‘Edwardia’ the boutique he opened in Manchester?

With its prints and flashy suits of their time it showcased Best’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Once upon a time a funny little story goes that a fan entered a shop and recognized Best.

Of making a purchase this fan mischievously requested an autograph, on their acquired item from a rival store.

George with his sense of humor cleverly replied, “Only if you buy the one from here!”

The Challenges

However, amidst his growing wealth George also faced challenges.

His documented struggles with alcohol serve as a reminder that even though wealth may seem glamorous on the surface it comes with its set of pitfalls.

At one point a journalist asked George about his lifestyle.

Whether he had any regrets.

In response George quipped in his fashion “I’ve never gone to bed with a woman but I’ve woken up with a few!” This witty remark showcased George’s ability to diffuse tension using humor.

Personal Life

Beyond the world of pitches and parties and away from the prying eyes of paparazzi existed another side of George that only his close friends and family truly knew.

He possessed a love for music. Boasted an extensive collection of vinyl records ranging from The Beatles, to The Rolling Stones.
Once during a moment of reflection he mentioned, “Life is similar, to a vinyl record. It has its ups and downs moments of imperfections and smoothness.”


The story of George Best goes beyond numbers or wealth. It is a tale of a boy from Belfast who skyrocketed into the world of football and fame.

His journey was filled with exhilarating successes and somber setbacks serving as both an inspiration and a reminder of how fleeting success and riches can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which club is George Best famously associated with?

George Best is famously associated with Manchester United. He played for the club from 1963 to 1974 leaving a mark as a figure.

What was George Best known for besides his football career?

In addition, to his football talent George Best was renowned for his lifestyle, including high profile relationships and even owning his own fashion boutique.

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