Frank Fritz Net Worth

When we tune in, to the History Channel and immerse ourselves in the world of “American Pickers ” we become quite familiar with Frank Fritz’s face.

However, how well do we truly know the man who unearths those discoveries?

intriguingly what is Frank Fritz’s net worth?

Let’s embark on a journey through Frank Fritz’s life and career delving into his story.

We have all experienced that exhilarating rush when stumbling upon an item at a garage sale.

Now imagine making a living out of that thrill! Frank Fritz has transformed this passion into his full time occupation.

Today we will explore the wealth he has accumulated along his journey.

Frank Fritz Net Worth

Net Worth $6 million

As per the update it is estimated that Frank Fritz has a net worth of approximately $6 million. This impressive amount can be attributed not to his role on American Pickers but also to his earnings from running an antique shop and making various guest appearances.

Frank Fritz Profile

NameFrank Fritz
NicknameThe Picker
JobReality TV Star, Antique Collector
Famous ForCo-hosting “American Pickers” on the History Channel and his antique shop, Frank Fritz Finds

Frank Fritz Height and Weight

Weight165 lbs
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack (with hints of grey)

Early Life

Born in Davenport, Iowa in 1965 Frank developed a fascination for collecting antiques.

Remember those stories, about kids selling lemonade?Well a young man named Frank was involved in the trade of exchanging toys, which laid the foundation for his career, in picking.


Teaming up with his friend Mike Wolfe they became known figures through their television show.

However it’s important to note that Frank is more than a TV celebrity; he is genuinely passionate about antiques.

His shop, known as Frank Fritz Finds and located in Savanna, Illinois showcases his love for these items.

Lessons Learned from Frank Fritz

Franks story serves as a reminder that following your passion can lead to success.

His ability to recognize value in items that others might consider rusty or worn teaches us about having vision, perseverance and appreciating the significance of history.

Legacy and Impact

What makes Frank Fritz endearing goes beyond his talent for uncovering treasures amidst discarded items; it’s also his personality and infectious enthusiasm.

Throughout the years he has built a legacy that extends beyond being a co host on “American Pickers.”

A Devoted Preservationist; In addition to the aspect of picking Frank has consistently demonstrated respect for preserving history.

Each item he selects carries its story into the present and ensures that future generations can catch a glimpse of the past.

Inspiration for Aspiring Pickers; His journey serves as inspiration, to enthusiasts who aspire to explore the world of picking.

His story serves as a reminder that when one possesses passion and determination they have the ability to transform a hobby into a career.

Championing Towns; Franks travels have frequently taken him to the heartland of America where he sheds light on towns and communities.

Through his endeavors these places garner attention that would otherwise go unnoticed indirectly stimulating economies.

An Authentic Persona, in Reality TV; In an era dominated by reality television Frank stands out with his demeanor.

He fearlessly showcases his emotions of excitement, disappointment or humor making him relatable and endearing to viewers.


Amidst the realm of reality TV stars Frank Fritz stands apart not due to his financial success but also because of the authenticity he brings to his craft.

Whether its a bicycle covered in rust or a vintage movie poster Frank perceives the stories and worth behind each item. He truly embodies what it means to be a picker!

Frank Fritz isn’t a television personality; he serves as an inspiration for those who believe in pursuing their passions. His journey from being a small town boy to becoming one of the figures, on “American Pickers” is truly motivating.

Every time he uncovers a sign or a vintage toy he reveals a piece of history reminding us that sometimes valuable treasures are tucked away in the unexpected places.

So the time you come across a worn out item keep in mind it could well be a hidden gem, from the past!

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Frank Fritz start his journey as a picker?

Franks passion for picking started at an age when he began collecting rocks and beer cans. As he grew older his interest shifted towards toys and antiques eventually leading him to turn this hobby into a profession.

What is the item Frank has ever discovered through picking?

Throughout his years of picking Frank has come across numerous valuable items. However one standout find was a Royal Pioneer motorcycle that held value.

Is Frank Fritz still actively involved in the world of picking?

According to the update Frank has taken a step back from “American Pickers” but continues pursuing his love, for picking through personal endeavors.

Has Frank authored any books?

Absolutely! Frank collaborated with Mike Wolfe on authoring a book titled “Art of the Pick.”

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