Faze Rug Net Worth

Ah the internet! a realm where memes come alive cats reign supreme and fortunes are made. Speaking of fortunes have you ever stumbled upon Faze Rug while scrolling through YouTube?

If not you’ve truly been missing out.

Don’t worry! This post is here to spill the beans (and the bucks) on the worth of this YouTube sensation.

So lets dive in and discover how much bling Faze Rug is rocking.

Lets take a trip down memory lane to a time; 2012. The year when Gangnam Style dominated our playlists and we all attempted that horse dance.

Little did we know that amidst it all a lad named Brian Awadis, known to many, as Faze Rug was establishing his YouTube channel.

It’s incredible how he has become one of the platforms content creators.

How does one convert YouTube views into hard cash? And importantly how much cash are we talking about?

Faze Rug Net Worth

Net Worth$10 million

The big reveal is here!

As of my update (and lets face it – these numbers can skyrocket before you even say “like and subscribe”) Faze Rug’s net worth is estimated to be, around $10 million.

Oh, the kind of money you can rake in when your videos get billions (yes, billions!) of views.

This fortune isn’t, from YouTube ads;

Rug has also scored brand deals sold merchandise and even dabbled in the world of movies.

Faze Rug Profile

NameBrian Awadis
NicknameFaze Rug
JobYouTube Content Creator, Actor, Entrepreneur
Famous ForYouTube videos, pranks, vlogs, and his association with the FaZe Clan

Faze Rug Height and Weight

Height5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m)
Weight 61 kg (134 lbs)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Early Life

Brian was born on November 19 1996 in San Diego, California. Growing up he was obsessed with gaming, which became the focus of his videos.

At first his videos were showcases of his gaming skills.. As time passed he expanded his content to include pranks, vlogs and challenges.


Rug’s rise to stardom as a gamer was nothing of meteoric. His affiliation with the FaZe Clan definitely helped him out initially. It was really his charm and charisma that won people over.

His hilarious pranks on family members became legendary. As time went on though Rug diversified further while still keeping his fan base (known as the “Rugrats”) hooked.

Lets not forget about “Crimson,” his big screen debut! Is there anything this guy can’t do?

Lessons Learned from Faze Rug


Rug’s journey from being a gamer to becoming a vlogger and actor is a testament, to his ability to adapt to the evolving internet landscape.

Genuine Connection

Despite having a fan base Rug maintains an open relationship, with his audience.

Consistency is Key

Internet fame isn’t achieved through efforts. Consistent uploads and active engagement have played a role in Rug’s success.

Exploring His Career in Depth

Faze Rug embarked on his YouTube journey primarily focused on gaming. He quickly realized the importance of diversifying his content.

He made a decision to incorporate pranks involving his family members, which garnered attention. This resulted in views subscribers. Ultimately propelled him towards success.

As his platform expanded so did his business savvy. Rug ventured into merchandise creation offering a range of products that resonated with his Rugrats” followers.

From clothing to accessories fans now have the opportunity to proudly display their support in style.

His collaborations with YouTube personalities have also been noteworthy. By associating himself with the FaZe Clan and collaborating with creators Rug has significantly broadened his reach and influence.

Achievements and Recognition

Beyond the numbers of subscribers and views lies Rug’s undeniable impact within the YouTube community.

He serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators showcasing that hard work combined with a dash of creativity can lead to opportunities, for growth.


Faze Rug’s journey, encompassing everything from gaming and pranks to red carpet appearances is a true testament, to the immense influence of the internet and unwavering dedication.

It’s evident that this YouTube phenomenon possesses more than the ability to entertain us; he comprehends the importance of work, adaptability and the intricacies involved in being an online celebrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Faze Rug’s secret to success?

Consistency, versatility and an authentic bond, with his fan base.

How did Faze Rug get started?

He initially emerged as a gamer. Gradually expanded his content repertoire to include pranks, challenges and captivating vlogs.

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