Eric Cantona Net Worth

From his popped collar and memorable speeches, to his goal against Liverpool Eric Cantona has left an indelible mark on football history.

Beyond his genius on the pitch how has Cantona fared financially?

Lets delve into the world of numbers, anecdotes and of course King Eric.

Eric Cantona Profile

NameEric Cantona
NicknameKing Eric
JobFormer Footballer, Actor
Famous ForManchester United Legend, Acting in various films

Eric Cantona Height and Weight

Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight82 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlack

Eric Cantona Net Worth

Net Worth$25 million

Rumored to be around $25 million Cantona’s net worth is not a reflection of his football skills but also his ventures in cinema and advertising.

Early Life

Born on May 24 1966 in Marseille, France Eric developed a passion for football through playing on the streets and beaches of his hometown.

Did you know that before he found fame Cantona worked odd jobs, including waiting tables?

Just imagine “Le King” serving you !


Erics football journey began at Auxerre and eventually took him to England where he cemented himself as a legend with Manchester United.

His unpredictable nature both on and off the field often made headlines; even leading to his suspension from football and a brief stint, in beach soccer.

After retiring from football Cantona ventured into the world of acting and let me tell you he was quite impressive!

He showcased his talent in movies, like “Looking for Eric” and “Elizabeth,” making a name for himself in the film industry and significantly boosting his worth.

Lessons Learned from Eric Cantona

Always Expect the Unexpected

Whether it was a kung fu kick or a thought provoking press conference Cantona taught us to never be surprised by surprises.

Embrace Versatility

Cantona’s ability to excel in both football and cinema teaches us the value of embracing passions. Not limiting ourselves to one identity.

Stay True to Your Principles

Despite facing bans and media backlash Cantona remained steadfast in his convictions highlighting the importance of standing up for what we believe in than seeking popularity.

Beyond Football

Many former footballers have tried their luck in the film industry.

Only a few have managed to transition seamlessly as Cantona. Going beyond cameo appearances he took on roles both in French and English cinema.

Like his presence on the field he captivated film critics and fans alike with his captivating performances.

Who could forget his role, in “Looking for Eric”?

It was a mix of fiction and reality where he portrayed a version of himself.

They say that Eric Cantona was equally passionate, about his roles in movies as he was every game he played.

The money he earned from these roles? Well it definitely added an amount to Eric Cantona’s worth.


Apart from his performances on the screen and the football field Cantona’s iconic status made him a dream for marketers.

You could spot his face in advertisements for brands like Nike and Renault. Each endorsement deal surely contributed to his growing wealth.

Besides endorsements there are rumors that Cantona made some investment decisions.

Although the specifics are not publicly disclosed it is evident that he possesses business acumen sharp as his football skills.

Giving Back

When discussing worth it is important to mention how celebrities give back.

Cantona has been known for his efforts through supporting the Common Goal initiative that donates 1% of footballers salaries to charitable causes.

His generosity demonstrates that his wealth is not about accumulation but also making an impact.


In conclusion, Eric Cantona’s net worth is a combination of his sporting excellence, successful ventures, in cinema and an unwavering attitude.

From the shores of Marseille, to the dazzling lights of Old Trafford and the glamorous red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival Cantona’s journey weaves a captivating tale filled with twists and turns much like the man himself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Cantona actually engage in beach soccer?

Yes following his retirement from football he represented France in beach soccer.

Which brands has Cantona been associated with?

Cantona has been a figure for brands such as Nike and Kronenbourg, among others.

What is Eric Cantona’s renowned quote?

“When seagulls follow the trawler it is because they believe sardines will be thrown into the sea.” This was his response following his kung fu kick incident.

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