Anwar Jibawi Net Worth

Anwar Jibawi net worth is estimated to be $5million dollar.

Anwar Jibawi is very popular YouTuber, actor and social media star. He becomes popular thanks to his vines going viral. He is known also for portraying in surreal action-comedy film “Airplane mode” (2019). He is also starring in movies like ” Petting Scorpions”.

Anwar Jibawi Profile

NameAnwar Jibawi
JobActor, Youtuber, Comedian
Famous forComdey

Anwar Jibawi Biography

Anwar Jibawi was born on 9 August 1991 in Chicago, Illionois, United States, From alestinians parents, He is Palestinian- American, He follows the muslim religion.

He spends his early schooling at Local High school, Chicago, Illinois, United States. After that, He completed his graduation at the Local University.

Birthday9 August 1991
Age 31 ( As for 2023)
BirthplaceChicago, Illinois, United States
HometownChicago, Illinois

Anwar Jibawi Height and Weight

Height (approx.)1.67m
Weight (approx.)141 lbs
64 kgs
Eye colorDark brown
Hair colorBrown

From Vines to Riches?

Imagine a world where we didn’t have those 6 second Vine videos that made us burst into laughter. It would be such a shame right?

Now lets not forget that guy with the hair who always seemed to have the comically disastrous days. That’s Anwar Jibawi for you!

His journey didn’t end with Vines. As they say from beginnings come things and Anwars story is proof of that.. Before we delve into his world lets explore the burning question; just how wealthy is Anwar?

More than Just Social Media Followers?

Alright, alright! Before you judge us for being nosy let me clarify that it’s a curiosity mixed with admiration.

Anwar Jibawis wealth has become quite a topic lately like the latest dance trends on TikTok. While exact numbers are hard to come by (almost as elusive as my cat during bath time) estimates suggest that his net worth is in the million dollar range.

That’s quite impressive for someone who gained fame by making people laugh in, than 6 seconds!

Here’s a funny story; My friend Clara once decided to imitate Anwars “expectations, vs. Reality” videos thinking, “If he can make millions why can’t I?”

Well let’s just say Clara now has a broken vase, a carpet and a tragic video that only got 23 views.. Guess what? 20 of those were hers!

Early Life

Anwars early life in Chicago was pretty ordinary.

Then Vine came along. Gave him the perfect platform to be his unique self.

Boy did he thrive! His distinctive style, antics and relatable content made him a household name.

Who could forget that time he tried teaching his mom how to take selfies? It was gold!

Moving from Vine to platforms was as smooth as my grandmas silk scarf for Anwar. He expanded to YouTube where he created funnier skits.

Collaborating with names and exploring acting opportunities only added more feathers to his already crowded cap.

Rumor has it that Anwar has also dabbled in some, behind the scenes business ventures.

Sure it’s possible for someone to have a sense of humor and be successful, in business don’t you think?

Anwar Jibawi Net Worth

Net worth5$ million


Anwar Jibawi is family oriented, Her mother Amal Jibawi has featured with him in several YouTube videos, while his father, there is no sufficient information about him.

To sum it up Anwar Jibawi is more, than a name; he represents a brand evokes emotions and takes us on a journey to our initial experiences with online comedy.

So the time you come across one of his videos and find yourself uncontrollably laughing remember the path, hard work and passion of this exceptional artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

How did Anwar Jibawi kickstart his career?
Anwar began his career on Vine by captivating audiences with hilarious 6 second videos.

Is Anwar solely active on YouTube?
While YouTube plays a role in his presence he is also actively engaged on TikTok, Instagram. Has made appearances in various shows and films.

What is Anwars height?
Here’s an interesting fact. Anwar stands at, around 5’4” tall. It just goes to show that dynamite truly comes in packages!

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